“There are two types of people in this world: those who prefer to be sad among others and those who prefer to be sad alone”

-Nicole Krauss

In an early age of fourteen, Alma knew that her mother is lonely since her father passed away. The only thing that was left for her mother is a story -History of Love- which her father wrote. Until one day, she noticed that there’s something odd in the story. Supposedly, it symbolizes the love between her parents, but it was about the long-lost love of the person who wrote it.

Discovering the real story behind the book, and another Alma to whom the story was dedicated, she can’t stop herself from digging more information and clues about the story.

Is there really something about the story History of Love or it was just Alma’s mind trapped between reality and fiction?




First of all, this novel isn’t about romance. It’s more about the life and love experiences of the people who got involved in the History of Love, a book which was written in a story within a story kind of novel.

The first few chapters of this book are quite confusing when it changes the point of views especially if the reader isn’t aware of the timeline in the story. There are also parts where dialogues are not quoted (” ¬†“), they are italicized instead. It was the only indication if the point of view was changed.

Bit by bit, the reader will unravel the relationship between the two people from the different generation, and that each of them was more than just a character in the story. They seemed real people not just inside the book, but also in the reality of life (reader’s life) which made them effective and engaging.

Within the span of two days, I get attached to the characters and started to think that what if this book is a real story written by Alma, the one who knew the secret that others don’t know.

The connection between¬†each character was so smooth. It adjusted the readers to the ambiance of the story from one place to another; from one character’s point of view to another.

It took awhile for me to finally get over with the ending because it’s a kind of ending that is in between of a happy one and a tragic end.

This unpredictable tragic ending story left an impression on the readers that it’s enough to know that the most important person for you knew about your existence even if they have never seen you personally. There’s a contentment that someone will still remember you even if you’re gone.