“You want to have your cake and eat it too, but you also want your cookies, and your ice cream”

-Jenny Han


Belly’s summer is like the start of her life, a new year. It is a month where she sees Conrad and Jeremiah, the boys who have been with her in every summer. They have been her brother figures aside from his real brother, her crushes, and everything that someone could describe under the sun. She got used to them, yet she grew to not like it because her feelings get deeper every summer. And who knows if her feelings would be granted in return?

But one summer, it turns different. Something happened that forever changes between Belly, Jeremiah, and Conrad.

Will everything fall into a place where it should have been from the start?




I like the title. It is suited to the whole story. So anyway, I skipped some words in a few chapters about when they are younger. Although, those chapters showed why Belly’s heart belong to Conrad. It seemed realistic because young love usually starts in summer when you are not too busy with school stuff and drama.

Although I am not into romance, I kept reading ’till the end for this review.

The characters too are realistic. I know some people with this personality and they can’t stop popping in my head while reading this. I thought I would like Jeremiah for Belly. It turns out even in fictional character I like the silent type of guys or those guys that seemed mysterious than those guys who makes me smile.

Maybe it is the same for Belly especially when her feelings are buried deep in her heart. When she started having confidence and that she got pretty ‘that’ summer, finally, they started noticing her as a woman. She’s just like any other girls who are confused about her own feelings because of the guys around her. It is not because she’s a flirt which anyone nowadays was mistaken and judged for being confused about their own feelings.

This is love. It is really confusing because there’s no pattern nor equation to know the right one.

The only part that I liked and was buried at the back of my mind is when they’re in the lake and they have this initiation. Belly thought she would be part of the boys than just always being left aside. But it turns out the initiation is just to make fun of her, yet it’s fine because she then feels that she’s not alone all along.

I didn’t find any interesting lines because like I said, it seemed realistic and even the dialogues are too normal and simple. I want to read the next two books, but the book disappointed me for giving clues on the synopsis at the back cover and on the front cover itself.

For some people, it is favorable. But others don’t want to know who she chooses in the end. It makes the story more exciting. But of course, some who knew the ending still want to keep reading because they wonder how and what Belly think as she chooses the one.I really hope that it didn’t give a clue in the front cover. It’s such a spoiler.

Unfortunately, I’m not fond of any romance stories and that spoiling me with the possible ending really turns me off to read the other books. I really hope that it didn’t give a clue in the front and back cover. It’s such a spoiler.