“Yeah, we quit. We weren’t fired. Never forget, it’s always better to be the dumper than the dumpee.”

-Lauren Conrad

When Jane and Scarlette were spotted by a TV producer, he knew that these two simple, yet gorgeous girls inside and out will bring him in his game again. He gives them the spotlight in his new reality show which becomes a success later on.

However, things started to change as Jane and Scarlet went deeper to the limelight. Their friendship and romantic relationships are somehow full of lies, and they can’t even tell anymore which is a lie and a truth.

Is being a celebrity really their path? For how long? Will they choose it over a simpler life?




I don’t know why reading a romance story about celebrity and a girl next door really hooked me up. Guess, it was way a little more real than those in the movies (or is it because the book has soemthing to do with her life story when she entered Hollywood that just have a little tweak?).

L.A. Candy is cliche, but it was entertaining to know four different girls that have different personalities.

Jane and Scarlet both resemble the most commonly used personalities in the novels. Between the two main young stars, I like Scarlet better. She had me see some part of myself in her which became more interesting than their chaotic celebrity life.

For an aspiring writer, this is helpful because the character development was there until the end of the story. However, I didn’t see any development on Jesse and Jane’s relationship; how they ended up like that. The character development should be flowing with the scenarios in the story.

My favorite part of the trilogy (yes, I’ve read all the book about them) is when they have their romantic moments. I was hoping for a huge twist in their love interest, shipping two guys; one for Jane and one for Scarlet. But I guess the author have her own ship.

The narration was said in the third point of view. It expresses the point of view of each, whether important or a sneak peek. I also like how Lauren wrote these books. It is far from the books I usually read. Easy, and encoded the story clearly on to my imagination.

I might not totally like the trilogy, but this has inspired me to write using a simple construction of words for a story.