“Falling in love is not the same as being in love”

-Gayle Forman

Allyson Healey’s life has always been planned and organized. She can’t do, or more like afraid to do an adjustment without planning anything ahead. Then, there’s Willem, a happy-go-lucky theater actor, who loves going with the flow and visit places to places.

On the day of Allyson’s European tour, the two met with a different perspective. Undeniably, they started to like each other’s company in a way of debating things. Until one day before they go back home, Willem asked Allyson to leave all her plans and come with him to Paris.

For someone who had her life planned from the beginning, will Allyson come to Paris with Willem or leave him and go home?




Just One Day is narrated in Allyson’s perspective. Just One Year is in Willem’s point of view.

For Just One Day book, it really intrigued me to the point that I’ve read every part of it up to the middle part of the book. It’s just turned a bit boring since I’ve felt that the climax is almost there and the end is near, but the truth is, the book was just the prologue of the bigger book.

However, I still like the book for pointing what would the lead girl went through, her small issues that turned into a big deal, and the shaping of her personality. But it lifted up my mood knowing that there’s about to have more exciting scenes ahead (the moment of her search, the moment if she would ever see him or not). Too bad, the most exciting part is the ending.

I can’t say that I like Allyson, but Willem’s one of those guys I like to counter with.And knowing about the second book written in his point of view made me read it right after the first one.

Knowing about the second book written in his point of view made me read it right after the first one.

For Just One Year book, I felt like Willem is cheating on Allyson because his point of view should be just for her, and to be relied on to me by her and not the other way around (assuming that we knew each other in the real world).

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy knowing his side story. Some things should be left unsaid because it was beautiful than being revealed. But then, it was enough to at least lessen the sweetness, hopeless-romantic-ish feels, and the dull moments in the book. It at least gave me the satisfaction knowing that the book didn’t just show romance, it introduces the character like they are real people.

Unlike the first book, I didn’t like the ending. It maybe because I know it’s a happy-ending story, but I chose to think that it’s a tragic one. It’s not like because I don’t like happy ending novels. It’s just because it makes sense and satisfying for my taste.

If I would be asked what book I would want to read once again, I would read Just One Day book and left the second book on my shelf.