“I maybe one of you, but I am not like you”

-Danielle Trussoni

Evangeline was abandoned by her parents. But she grew up as a fine lady without any regrets or remorse for her parents. The St. Rose Convent becomes her home. But the head of the convent knew that one day, Evangeline has to know more about them (her parents) and their secret, and because of the scholar, who was hired by this certain connection, Evangeline started to know the truth from the beginning.

But it wasn’t enough for her to come across more secrets that the organization hid from her. No. It was forgivable, not when she learned what her family hid from her, and leaving her to have a lower hand in her battle.

Which one she’ll betray? The humans or the Grigoris?



I can’t accept the fact that Angelology ended that way. It was so unsettling. So, I searched about Danielle Trussoni and her written works, and Angelology has two more books to wait.

So, this book is about the field angelology, a profession that is hidden in the society. Each page contains a lot of information -about the history of their profession and a silent war between humans and fallen angels- which is too much for me to take all in a day. It took me one month to finally finished the book (I can finish one book for a day, btw).

Despite that, the romance element is still there, more or less. But it is just enough to mix the mood in the book. There’s also a time where I doubt that the manuscripts were just pure fiction due to the footnotes written below on each page. I don’t know if it’s a stated fact about the story or a real one about the original manuscript of the Bible, which was hidden or was lost.It has one fascinating plot. I salute Danielle Trussoni for this novel. It’s quite difficult to write a fictional story which will seem real. But she did it.

It has one fascinating plot. I salute Danielle Trussoni for this novel. It’s quite difficult to write a fictional story which will seemed real. But she did it.

For the Angelopolis, just like the first book, it is quite confusing due to its turn of events and an overloading information from the climax up to the ending.  They have given an unexpected twist which still makes sense as to what Evangeline really is and the truth about the angel’s existence.

I tried to give my own theories about the facts or citation they have given me, but I end up changing my hypothesis due to the revelations and more information about the said topic.

What I didn’t like as a reader is this confusion on Verlaine’s mind. He was, no doubt, a to-kill-every-fallen-angel-on-my-way kind of man and yet, he’s still a human who learned to love only one woman in his entire life.

I like Evangeline very much. She might be naive, but it was tolerable considering she has no knowledge of what was happening in the world. She was able to understand it and resolve a decision that might kill her in every way. She grew braver each day, even if a part of her starts to have a resemblance from her ancestors.

The fallen angels in this book are far different from the YA angels book. Here, fallen angels specifically the Grigoris, are cruel, dark, and selfish.

I expected an exciting and tiring fight on the end, but my mind was left hanging for that moment. The author made sure that the reader will keep reading the next book and purposely left the ending hanging.