“I was stupid, the official descriptive phrase for happy.”

-Daniel Handler


Min Green wrote a letter to Ed Slatertone explaining why both of them decided to end up their almost perfect relationship. A movie ticket, a box of matches, a toy truck, a book, and things that for Min is very valuable. It is hard to believe that even the smallest variable, as long as it has their memories together, Min gave it all to Ed. Whether he knows about its existence or not.

By then, Min told Ed the reason why he thought that everything seemed perfect.

Will this be really the end for them?



At some point, Daniel Handler’s style of writing is somehow similar to David Levithan’s. Made me think that it was written by DL. Bit by bit I then realized that the writing style is just familiar, but not similar.

So this book will not just make the readers wonder what’s the reasons for a breakup. If your past relationships didn’t work and you still don’t know why then maybe this book will help you realize why butterflies in your stomach extinct. And if you have realized why even before reading this book, then why not try going back to those memories of your heartbreak? Maybe then you will learn something new even if it was in the past.

The book was written in a letter style of approach which the girl sent to her ex-boyfriend. Light-read. And make the readers thinking especially if they have been in a breakup. It was really intriguing knowing how could two people who are madly deeply in love with each other, broke up.

However, your curiosity will be filled with answers as the story goes revealing that love isn’t a powerful emotion to make someone numb to reality. But it is a feeling to make yourself blinded to that reality and lie even to yourself that things will go fine.

Yes. Deniably, they are in denial of these facts. There are some differences and complicated things that made the two of them forbidden not in a classic romantic-ish way, but by ignoring the facts that they are not compatible. Rather, they think that they will be able to pass through it. Thinking that when this negative electron connects to another negative electron, it will charge and make their love works.

I admire how the girl was able to completely made the guy understand why they broke up, and how the guy accepted the reason and moved on.

Sometimes, people also forget the moments when they thought they knew him/her, but later on, it felt like they were both strangers already. Feelings are sometimes can’t do justice to our decisions, but if it does, it was worth the pain. Just like the book Why We Broke Up.