“You have to start over. That’s what they say. But life is not a board game, and losing a loved one is never really ‘starting over.’ More like ‘continuing without’.”

-Mitch Albom

When each one of the town’s people started receiving a phone call from heaven, the citizens of Lake Michigan were divided into believers and non-believers. Even the church seemed to be shaken off by this news.

Every day, the number of people receiving calls are getting bigger than anticipated by the people outside the town which result to a worldwide attention.

Will they finally have a grasp what the afterlife would be? IS there really a miracle that you can talk to your loved ones in heaven?





The title intrigued since it seemed real yet, fictional. Of course, I thought ‘It might be a spiritual true to life story’ and ‘It’s a novel with a theme about miracle’ both is eating out my curiosity.

I had problems reading this book, though.

First, I’m not good at remembering names and the author had two to three different scenes on each chapter. Sometimes, it was a flashback of another person from another chapter, that’s why it’s confusing.

But as I flip each page I started to know them bit by bit. The flow went well and became exciting.

What I like about this book is the way Albom used the story behind inventing the telephone as an introduction to each chapter which is related to the situation being narrated. Also, Albom cited a lot of things in reality about the people’s behavior, especially the media practitioners.

One of my favorite characters is this man (I forgot his name, again) who didn’t believe what was happening around the town, especially if his son was acknowledging it, too. I like how he tried to search for more facts about this so-called miracle and while handling his son’s condition. Their bond might not be perfect, but in real life, there wasn’t a wholly perfect unbreakable bond. There just a complicated perfect unbreakable bond.

Of course, my favorite part is it’s ending. It was the most exciting part for me since that’s the final decision what will be the result of this phone call from heaven. If it’s true or not, the question was how far will the people believe it and talk about it, and to what extent will this so-called miracle bring the people’s action and decision.

The story seemed plain and simple, but it also had a deep meaning about life, people, and relationships.