“I’ve learned that home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.”

-Cecelia Ahern



When two people are destined, they sometimes are in denial about the fact or they don’t know about it. Rosie and Alex have been together since they were kids. There are no secrets that the two of them didn’t know about each other. They are closer than any best friends could ever be or maybe it was the romance starting to spring out in their hearts unconsciously. But when they are about to realize it, Alex’s family decided to leave Dublin.

Alex had his life planned. He got into Harvard which was also Rosie plan so she could be with Alex. But a shocking news turned the tables and changed Rosie’s life forever.

Is being destined to be together more powerful than making decisions one step away from each other?




The book was narrated by the emails, letters, and calls exchanged by Rosie and Alex to each other, and to other characters. It seems boring because as a reader, it will be giving you a little bit of the whole picture of what was happening. But it had the opposite effect.I can’t contain myself for this book’s review. Jeez. Okay. Okay. Since reading this felt like I’m the only witness of what really is happening here and there, this book made me attached like I’ve known the characters for real. Like I was some kind of a

Since reading this felt like I’m the only witness of what really is happening here and there, this book made me attached like I’ve known the characters in real life. It’s like I was some kind of a weirdo sneaking out with people’s transaction, letters and emails; like anytime, someone will start a fight with me because they’re just around the corner of my street.

I like how this original story went and made the readers feel that they know the secrets of each character and that they can’t possibly tell it to them because they are out of the picture. It wasn’t just imagining the words which are being described in the book and see and feel how to be the main character. But here, even it focuses on one character or two, the author mixed up the other factors such as family, friends, and the problems as they were growing up.

It just not make you see and feel how to be Rosie, it makes you feel that you belong. You are in the story, really part of their little town. It was like they grew up with you and you witnessed the development of each one of them.

I love the part where Rosie sees herself in her daughter and Alex to her daughter’s best friend. I have no favorite part on this book because every email and letter is funny and entertaining.

As a reader, I see how the two struggle and end up together after scratching the word ‘Friendship’ for being in a ‘Relationship’. It was a very fast-phasing story because there’s a lot of things happening and they were able to cope up with the time and be with each other (in love and happy) at last.

Who said that old peeps are grown ups? No, dude. An individual never stop growing up. Because growing up is not about the number (age) or how one looks like (wrinkles), it is a process you do every day. It’s something making you feel alive.

PS. Yes they are different in the film Love, Rosie, but they remained some scenes and situations to make the movie concise and shorter than the whole life story of Rosie and Alex being written in the book. And the humor and romance are both still there.