“Mortals are such fragile things. Just tender feelings walking around exposed in their delicate shells…Easy to crush.”

-Melissa Marr



Aislinn used to follow her grandma’s ruleto survive the gift which seemed like a curse in their family:

Rule #1: Don’t ever attract their attention.

Rule #2: Don’t speak to invisible faeries.

Rule #3: Don’t stare at invisible faeries.

Will she truly avoid the cursed and live happily ever after with her best friend?



The first book is really entertaining despite the fact that Melissa’s plot is too cliche, common if being compared to other YA books that I’ve read. The thing that I like about this book is its character who are not too fictionalized and not too realistic to be boring.

I was also wondering if the quotes written at the beginning of each chapter is really a fragment of facts about faeries from a book written between 1880’s to 1990’s are just pure fiction or somewhat mixed with an experience; a journal of truths. Faeries was born to be playful, childish, and really superior over mundane since they have this power that mundane do not have. So, it’s not a turn off for me rather, it justified the plot.

The ending seemed alright like the book is just a stand alone novel. But since it is a series (said by most readers), I am quite nervous about the next books. I’ve read that Melissa prefers to focus on the other characters. If so, it will be different from the other series that I’ve read. But I hope it will be still good and entertaining because if not, I might lose interest reading the four remaining books since the plot has no any other interesting ideas. It will be more about romance.

Then at the second book, it was centered on Aislinn’s friend -Leslie. I bet the other three books will be about the other characters who appeared from the first and two books of this series or at least connected to them.

I wasn’t disappointed, but not that fond of the series now. I just like how they’ve got to entertain me using such interesting characters in her story. But I would like to see this series executed in the television because it was like a lot of secrets about the fey courts are needed to be revealed and you’re hypnotized to read the series just to unravel them.

The second book seemed a slow phasing story but after the climax, it turns fast. And even though I love reading open or tragic ended stories, I, for once, didn’t agree in the way she ended this one. I was drowned too much to Irial’s feelings, but Niall’s felt more real like Leslie’s. I cannot decide between them. I still like Seth here though.So all the books are about the four main characters (

Then the next three books are about the four main characters (Aislinm, Seth, Keenan, and Donia). Except, the second book which rotates about Aislinn’s best friend’s life.

I almost cried while reading these remaining series of Wicked Lovely. I love Seth. And knowing he might not be with Aislinn in the end, it hurts me so much.

All I can say is that entering the faeries world -or Melissa Marr’s world- is a mixture of confusion, pain, and bliss. Faeries’ emotions and courts are in chaos. So, each book explained it bit by bit. Took me a while to really wrap everything around my head, though.

Anyway, I like how Melissa gave justice to her characters despite giving them hardships. But I’m not really into romance especially if the mood is too serious. I prefer rom-com.

The first series that I’ve read containing the first fictional character that I’ve been in love with – Seth-. While reading this book again for this review, I can undeniably say that I am still in love with Seth despite his piercings.  I didn’t actually like the last two books if it wasn’t for Seth.

It’s nice, actually cool for bringing me into a different world more than any other YA books could. So far, not really satisfied, but I am somehow entertained.

But if there are readers who like magic and too much touch of a romance genre, then this series should be next on their list.