In Kris’ life, every color has meaning and each of them means something deeper than a memory.

There’s pain. There’s hope. In every color there is Kris.



The title is very intriguing. It has this mushy romantic feels for a story. But then, when I opened the book, there’s the word Black – the color is used as a chapter title and it caught my attention. So, I scanned the chapters and there are 13 colors that will represent Kris’ life. So, I knew that each chapter might have longer words than the usual count I’ve always read in young adult books.

For the first few chapters, it is smooth and beautifully written, and the emotions are very visible. It’s appropriate to the scenes being told.

As I started reading, the lines sound very poetic and at the same time, it was telling me why that chapter is entitled Black or Purple. I smile while reading and absorbing each color into my heart. However, in the middle part, this poetic sound was gone. It suddenly seemed like an ordinary narration in a more dramatic way.

Those scenarios are cool, though. It showed a glimpse of Kris’ life to the readers which have this it-actually-happened-to-me feels.

Sometimes, when I start reading again (since I am reading each chapter per day), the words swayed me too much that it made me feel lost. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not because as a reader, I need to have a clear vision of what the story is about, or where it was or else, more confusion will arise.

The scenes in each chapter are the things I, as an observer, usually sees in public places. As a writer, I incorporated those observations on my written works which most writers do. In this story’s case, the author seemed to want to make his main character miserable because he incorporated those common things he observed to Kris’ life. Thus, seeing how Kris suffers so much with these thoughts made me as a reader feel depressed. The funny thing is that the scenes are not that depressing at all. Maybe because he tells (to the readers) a lot of observation which is too heavy for someone who’s absorbing every word and thought in one sitting. Heavy text. The effect of this is first, the reader might just want to finish it without fully absorbing the thought/quotes or might even skip some parts. And two, each chapter color have a gloomy mood for a day which is might be very uncomfortable to other readers. Hence, they will end up finishing the story longer than the author is anticipating.

Another funny thing about this story is that it was written in a feministic way yet it sounded manly. It’s because the emotions touched the internal and external change in Kris’ life.It

Overall, this story gave Colors to my life.