Too much love will kill you, but for Cupid, his too much love for Psyche will kill every couple in his way.



I like how the author incorporated the well-known love story of Cupid and Psyche because I’m a fan of any mythological stories. But what I was looking forward to, was the idea of ‘what had happened’ right after the author changed their ending into a tragic one. The concept and main characters are very common nowadays. The question is what makes this story unique from the others. Let’s see!


As I understand this story, Cupid wants other couples to feel his pain in losing Psyche. But in chapter 3, he even attacked the guests which also means that some of them may or may not be single. Now, my question is, why would he attack the other people if his only target is the couples? Then another came up to my mind, how will these couples feel the pain of losing someone if both of them (the couple) were gone? Lastly, there’s no reason for him to attack others who’s not a couple because he was once in love with Psyche – a human. It wasn’t the human who killed Psyche, it was Venus. These points are just the one I understood from the story’s prologue up to the third chapter. I am looking deeper into Cupid’s character and his pain that’s why I’ve noticed the things I’ve said in this paragraph.


Looking at the way the author put archangels, titans, and even demigods on this story, I just felt like the timeline was messed up. But if this is how the author planned his story then it’s up to him since there’s two kinds of writers: 1. to satisfy their readers and 2. to satisfy themselves.

So, I can see how the author plays with the scenes in writing this story which I’ve enjoyed reading.


One thing I’m disappointed is the way the last few chapters were written. The scenes were so intense, but I can’t feel it because there’s a lot of things that’s happening in each chapter. So to say, each intense scenes (even if it’s obvious) it seems to be just a sneak peek of the whole thing (nakakabitin).


Anyway, I like the ending. It seems like even if they are reincarnated they will always be connected through a Red String and will love each other over and over again.


I like Hades so much that even in this story, he’s my favorite character. I’m a kind of reader who believes that even the villain in the story has a story to tell.


Red String connects the reader and Cupid into its story.