Questions are just common denominator in our lives. The only thing that makes it out of that norm is answering that particular question that makes our mind go crazy because a lot of people leave those questions unanswered.

That’s what Ysabelle did after being in so much pain with the man she loved. She thought that if she won’t try to look for answers, things that happened to her will eventually be forgotten, but not until her life was shaken by the same person again.



The prologue has this intriguing feels which hook the readers.

I’m not good at remembering names. So, I thought I was just being confused with Sab and Ysabelle. I don’t know if they’re the same person or co-workers. If they’re the same person, why not use SAB in a conversation which is a name her friends and family calls her, rather than in narration because it wasn’t consistent and makes it more confusing.

“Sab’s smile vanished. He just knows how to ruin her mood.

On chapter 7, the author gave a sneak peek on Paul’s thought. I was then torn between having his point of view in all the chapters or leave it as a mystery before revealing it in the end. I want his point of view because it’s very entertaining to read both sides, to know their unspoken thoughts, it makes the chapters more exciting. However, leaving those thoughts unknown will have a more unpredictable flow.

It took me a while to realize that the scene where Tyler surprised Ysabelle is kind of weird. How did he get in the office and sitting on her chair? Offices or companies are very much strict with the people entering their facility even if they’re a relative of an employee. It should be that Tyler was waiting in the lobby than in Ysabelle’s chair. Is he the boss’ relative? Is Tyler the owner of the company? If no, and he’s not even a relative to Ysabelle and just a boyfriend, third degree, then I don’t think it would be easy for him to enter in their department. Ysabelle didn’t even seem surprised seeing him inside their department, but rather she was surprised because of Tyler’s in the country.

The shifting of Ysabelle’s thought between Tyler and Paul is just too fast. If I were to imagine Ysabelle as a real person, I would definitely see that:

  1. She’s too in love with the idea of being in love
  2. She’s too impulsive
  3. She’s a two-timer, and
  4. She’s just going with the flow whoever says he loves her (3 & 4 as seen in chapter 19).

Meanwhile, if I apply these characteristics in the story it’s not that strong to say that Ysabelle were those three things since I can’t see it in the story. Ysabelle’s character profile is changing. So, the only attitude I’m sure of is Ysabelle, having a messed up mind. The depth in Ysabelle’s character is weak. I suggest you put more scenes or thoughts that could actually give a hint about her since the story was focused on her even if it was written in the third point of view. (It can be spoon-feeding or read between the lines.)

In chapter 17, it has been proven that she is actually what that three things I’ve said (above). She was the one being unfair in their relationship and yet, she moves on like she was the victim in front of Tyler’s eyes. It wasn’t stated literally in the story, but analyzing the scenes and dialogues between the three that is how I view them.

The funny thing is that the kidnap scene is too overused in the story especially in gangster themed stories.

Reaching the ending, I kind of feel disappointed, but at the same time, the answer to the last question is realistic. I just want to see more of that answer, though.

What I like about this story is that it wasn’t forced. It’s neither cheesy nor less romantic. In fact, I kind of feel the pain of Paul. That’s hoe I knew that the story is worth reading despite the flaws I’ve seen.

The smoothness of the scenes is too common and I’ve read many stories like this. The Last Question is, what is its uniqueness to the others? The answer is inside the story. It’s better to read it than to rely on how I’ve reflected on it because it’s way beyond my vocabulary (and I mean it literally, just kidding!).