Project ni Nayin writers’ org disbanded right after the gathering on December 2016 at BF Homes in Casimiro, Las Pinas City, Manila.We, the PNY family decided to have a fresh start with our new upcoming project for unnoticed writers.”

The said event is a goodbye for a few new writers in our organization, but we did our best to fulfill their wishes. Also, it’s an introduction for our upcoming project.

We invited a few well-known published writers for a talk, to inspire and encourage these aspiring writers to keep writing even if we closed the organization. There are a lot of new organizations who have the same goals as our family, too. Those who were able to attend this mini seminar we prepared received a certificate of participation.

Even if there are guests who didn’t make it on the said event since it rained, the participants from afternoon and night event enjoyed their time with their friends and new acquaintances. We also gave some souvenirs like pens, notebooks, and button pins.

Here are the photos of the previous event.





Here are the ‘PNY’ books the organization self-published.