The first PNY outreach we held was at Pampanga last December 2015. It was one of the PNY admins who looked for the lucky children whom we’ll be celebrating pre-christmas party with.

We produce self-pub books which have two parts: 1) December to Remember and, 2) Pahina ng Pasko.

Unlike our main rule (buy 5 and get 1 for free) we decided to multiply the price of one book to the total orders of one person. In that way, we could add more funds for the events. We also accepted a few donations from our families and friends who helped us to make this event successful.

I’ve met with the Manila team at Pasay and we rode on a bus. It took us 3 hours to the venue, so the first team who arrived earlier than us started the party already. We played a few games since we have enough prizes to be given away plus some souvenirs we prepared like notebooks and pens, also some toys. We spend 5 hours with them and yet it wasn’t enough since we also enjoyed playing and talking with them.

Before we said our goodbyes, they performed a mini concert for us. It’s very heartwarming because we didn’t expect it. I can see through their performance how much they loved doing it. Some of them can even play the violin, trumpet, drums, and cello which even I can’t handle it. They’re too amazing!

But all introductions must come to an end. We parted ways, but the smile they brought to us stayed longer than our 5-hour meeting.


Here are the photos of the said event.